git today and git yesterday – What you’ve done on a git project

git config --global "log --since='24hours' --oneline --all --decorate"
git config --global alias.yesterday "log --since='48hours' --until='24hours' --oneline --all --decorate"

Then just type “git today” and you get a list of all commits commited today. The same for yesterday

Example output:

* 2a65e45 (HEAD, github/dev-start, dev-start) TODOS: Google Distance Matrix Api - Model Archtecture correction

* cd511ac TODOS: Google Distance Matrix Api - Model Architecture

* 3d30f6b Test zum löschen von Fahrten in Tour-Model (tour_a >> location)

* b710cdf todos aktualisiert

* c7192d7 tours-controller test DESTROY respond test

* d390ff7 tours-controller test UPDATE respond test

* 80c9d78 tours-controller test CREATE respond test

* 695920c tours-controller test test all GET methods on response

* 4e8ea72 tours-controller test first get test on #index and #new

* 0888fed tours-controller test has now a valid fixture

* 88c0a7b tours#index test and cleanup fixtures

* 2bc9f39 Tour-Model: validate_locations_must_be_valid had an error on nil as start or destination [BUGFIX]

* 6344024 todos implementiert

* bfeb8e8 model: tour#distance now calculate with all places and has a circa with a factor 1.3

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